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Our Mission
To advocate for property equity and address Real Estate concerns within the Lougheed Transit Corridor Area. Led by the Golden Key Group,  in partnership with the Homeowners, we strive to keep our community informed.


The Golden Key Group - Land Development Experts
The Golden Key Group has over 40 years of Real Estate Experience, specializing in Land Development across the Fraser Valley. It is our mandate to work for the Homeowner's best interests and to encourage Homeowners to make informed real estate decisions.


Your Neighbourhood
According to the City of Maple Ridge, the purpose of Transit Corridor Multi-Family is to continue multi-family residential densification through lot consolidation along key arterials such as Dewdney Trunk Road and Lougheed Highway. Supported multi-family residential form of development includes apartments with the maximum height up to six stories.


JULY 2023

We worked closely with Scott in reference to the sale of our home in Maple Ridge, and a purchase of a new home also in Maple Ridge. Scott worked very closely with us at every step of the way. His attention to detail was second to none. Relative to the sale of our property, he was there for us at every turn. Specifically, what we could expect, as well as, the clarification of everything that was going on. He clarified and explained exactly what was happening at every turn. If we had a question, he responded to us promptly every time. He assisted us with all required documentation and required responses.

Relative to our new purchase he went well and beyond expectation. We were struggling with the purchase of a property we were trying to buy in the Okanagan. Hard to believe, he actually drove up and walked us through our intended purchase, explaining everything in detail. He walked us through the process, which included, specifically what we needed to do to make it happen. He taught us what to look for, as well as, exactly what we required prior to signing on the bottom line. Who does that?? Unfortunately, the deal went by the wayside. We made a mistake!! He helped us to pick up the pieces and move on. 

Finally, we did indeed purchase a place in Maple Ridge. Once again, Scott stepped up to the plate. Diligently working us through the process. It was a tough sale as the owner was struggling with the sale. He worked patiently with the other real estate representative to make it happen. Do not believe another agent could have made it happen. He never gave up. Talk about patience. We were very pleased with Scott and the final outcome. Very happy with our purchase. Couldn't have done it without him.

Thank you Scott:


C. & T. Ledger

June 14, 2023

Daniel Romey & Banderaz Cheng with Mayor Dan Ruimy

With the Homeowners' best interest in mind, The Golden Key Group met with Maple Ridge Mayor Dan Ruimy to discuss the future of the Lougheed Corridor Plan.

Please register and learn the activities that shape the future of our neighbourhood.

Daniel Romey and Banderaz Cheng with May Dan Ruimy, 2023_edited.jpg

June 1, 2023

Case #1 

The Golden Key Group has consulted the owners of the five lots on Dewdney and York and came to a successful lot consolidation to realize the properties’ highest and best use.

The Golden Key had a Pre-Application Meeting with the city planning department regarding the next steps with the lot consolidation and the city has proposed to create two lanes to divide the whole block consisting of 16 lots in 3 pieces. Neither the Golden Key nor the property owners are in favor of the proposed lanes, as it does not reflect the highest and best use of the land as defined in the Lougheed Corridor Plan. 

"Those two lanes will decrease the property values significantly."


Philip Kang

"We encourage you to take a moment to voice your opinion. Please register and help us share your ideas and shape the future of our neighbourhood."

- Philip Kang
Maple Ridge Land Development Specialist


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